Our Primary Purpose

Finding Your Fit

At Anchor Financial, we specialize in those nearing retirement and those already enjoying their hard earned retirement. It is our niche. It is what we excel at. It is who we most enjoy working for. Nearing retirement or entering into it offers a whole new financial journey you have never experienced. With these big life changes, we come alongside and partner with you to guide you through this new stage of life.

Client Centered

As you’ll see and hear from us many times, we truly believe it’s YOUR money not ours. It doesn’t matter where you’re investments are or who is managing them, they are yours and yours alone. We strongly feel that there are too many people who become a small fish in a big pond. With it being understood who’s money it truly is, its also vitally important we know your goals in great detail. What do you truly hope your life savings does for you? What are your concerns or fears? Is extra monthly income a necessity for you like it is for so many others? Simple but important questions; a few of many we ask in our discovery process. This understanding is at the center of any guidance we could offer you.

As fiduciaries, our job is to act in your best interest at all times. We believe our fiduciary standard is the best way to help achieve your goals, enact and review your specific plan, and communicate effectively.  At Anchor Financial we know we serve, how to best serve you, and we do not take this responsibility or privilege for granted.

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